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Birthday Packages


Cold Section 
Slices of Fresh Cucumber & Tomatoes  
coleslaw – Herbal Potatoes Salad 

Hot Section 
Chicken Burger served with French Bread & Mayonnaise 
Fried chicken fingers
pomme croquette
Fried kobeba Lebanese style
Cheese sambousek 
Italian penne with alfredo sauce 

Chocolate souffle
Creme caramel 
Gateaux soirée 
Fresh guava juice – fresh apple juice – mineral water

L.E 230 All Inclusive 


Pen 10

Cold Section 
Slices of fresh cucumber & tomatoes  
Greek salad served with feta cheese – yoghurt salad served with cucumber and fresh mint   

Hot Section 
Fried chicken   
Fried fish fingers with tartar sauce 
Penne with tomato sauce & basil
Italian mini pizza
Wine leaves
Wedge potatoes with herbs

Chocolate mousse glasses   
Creme Brulee  
Gateaux soiree

Fresh guava juice – fresh apple juice – mineral water

L.E 210 All Inclusive 

These offers are valid 31st December, 2019